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A BideNato flight over


1 - BideNato under construction

2 - Europe's future

3 - European decline looks like von der Leyen

4 - Geopolitical changes of the last decades

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1 - BideNato under construction

BideNato is a designation for the current Euro/North American matrix directed from the link between the White House and the Pentagon, with its European headquarters in Brussels and which recently elected the American base of Ramstadt, Germany, for the proper management of new and old adherents to the criminal institution called NATO.

BideNato is a rich but unequal area, with large areas of poverty and ageing, occupied by about 11% of the world's population and which keeps as honourable relics of performance its roles as a slave-owner, kidnapper and protagonist of the most destructive wars that have ravaged humanity.

Biden wants to increase to over 50% of the world total, its traditional and enormous share of weapons for sale, even though the USA has only 2.4% of the global population. Complementarily, 97.6% of the global population lives without such apparatus. It should be remembered that Trump (Biden's great rival in "knowledge") has already argued that in the European class 2% of GDP should be devoted to the purchase of arms... tending to be produced in the USA, obviously[1].

Biden is the name of the current, diminutive US president. And NATO is the name of an institution with a membership of some thirty nation-states, which promotes wars that are convenient to the ruling complex -- economic, political and military -- of the USA; a country that has a record of executing hundreds of thousands of unarmed people with its atomic bombs in 1945 and that did not hold back, twenty years later, from “sprinkling” Indochina with 'Agent Orange' and similar poisons.

As a politico-military structure, BideNato has generals and, it wants the integration of a newly formed nation-state (Ukraine), where poverty and the growing presence of Nazi barbarity is evident; the destruction of Ukraine will have immense costs that entice Western capitalists to invest, to buy the salvages of the war... when it is over. What will be the future of the comedian-oligarch Zelensky and his battalions of Nazis? What remains of present-day Ukraine, subtracted from the Donbass and the Black Sea littoral strip, will be close to the eastern territory of the former Polish-Lithuanian duchy of essentially Catholic matrix.

And, what  about Biden's aggressive and warlike speech, replete with undiplomatic epithets for Putin and, with the allocation of $800 million for heavy artillery intended "directly for the front lines of freedom" in the Donbass? And, to observe Boris Johnson's doublespeak in India, stating, among other fallout, "I think the sad thing that (Russian victory) is a realistic possibility"? Surely, Ukraine will be destroyed and Europe, diminished, will be embedded in a BideNato, where political prominence will fall to a multinational coterie of mediocrities.

2 -- Europe's future

Europe tends to become an Asian peninsula that the US wants to keep as its own, to avoid isolation from the enormous Euro-Asian-African continental mass, where great powers like China, India, and Russia are located. BideNato is the decadent Euro-American amalgam that the world observes with contained smiles of commiseration or indifference; the UN SG Guterres himself only got up from the sofa two months after the start of the war in Ukraine.

In Africa, Latin America or Asia, the distancing from the conflict in Ukraine has dominated. It is observed, in Europe and its suzerainty (USA), a world of smug and rich people who have not yet lost their colonialist, imperial, militarist and, racist superiority tics; so well represented by the Belgian King Leopold, over a hundred years ago.

In the NATO commission to the puppet Zelensky, it was supposed Russia would accept the presence of that warlike institution on its border with Ukraine; including the continuation of the barbarities of the Nazi platoons on 40% of the population of Ukraine, which speaks Russian. A perfectly unrealistic claim in the face of one of the three major world powers; and, what is more, with a powerful weaponry.

Times change and desires change. The USA, whose troops landed in Europe to fight the Nazis during the Second World War, 80 years later, finances and supports a totalitarian regime, with troops supporting creative forms of swastikas that are victimising the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, just as they had previously victimised Jews and Gypsies.

The top five arms companies, according to SIPRI (Stockholm International Institute for Peace Studies), in 2020 and, in billions, are: Lockheed Martin - $58.2; Raytheon - $36.7; Boeing - $32.1; Northrup Grumman - $30.4; General Dynamics - $26.0, all based in the US. Add that in that year, the US belonged to 54% of the top 100 arms companies, with sales totalling $285 billion. In 2020, the USA represented only 4.2% of the global population, and its great rival, China, 18.1% of that total, with sales of $66.8 billion in weapons, corresponding to 13% of the global figure. For any anti-militarist, these indicators reveal the paranoia and dementia inherent in those who love war, theft, and violence; these tares are useless for human well-being and the health of the planet.

It should be remembered that Trump (Biden's great rival in terms of “knowledge”) was already arguing that the obedient European class should devote 2% of GDP to the purchase of arms tending to be produced in the USA, as we mentioned above. US arms production serves to guarantee the profitability of the military industry, to monitor and provide munitions for military conflicts; and also, for surveillance and possible intervention in countries reluctant to accept US dictates, in a continuation of the old gunboat policy.

In this context, the USA shows itself to be an enormous danger to Humanity, as we have recently observed; all the more so because in this situation, it is very unlikely that the country will be the victim of a military attack. Finally, the USA, with its more than 500 military installations spread around the planet, acts as a gendarme for the planet and its inhabitants[2].

Regularly in the last century, the USA appears involved in European conflicts, in a proportionality that matches the gradual decadence of Europe; the war of 1914/18 and that of 1939/45, were the springboards for European territory to be populated by military bases and installations, even if thirty years have passed since the dismantling of the Soviet Beelzebub...

3 - European decline looks like von der Leyen

After de Gaulle, Adenauer, Willy Brandt, Delors, there is little to report in Europe about figures of any political standing who nowadays resemble Macron or Draghi; at the other extreme, the time of declared imbeciles like Berlusconi, Hollande, Rajoy... not forgetting the hulking Passos (former Portuguese primer) a few years ago. In the USA, things are not very different; the warrior criminal Obama stands, chronologically, between incapable and ignorant like G.W. Bush, Trump, or Biden.

Von der Leyen[3] … is a show of incapacity! That is why Charles Michel and Erdogan marginalized her, months ago when they left her without a chair to sit on ... which they would not dare to do with Merkel who, in a similar situation, would probably have walked out the door. Ursula is a bright smile in the midst of her grey and ultra-reactionary confreres, in a competition with that true symbol of the British decadence, a certain Boris Johnson.

Let us note some von der Leyen brilliant interventions:

(a) "If there is no provision in the contracts [for buying energy from Russia] for payment in roubles, it is a violation of our sanctions" - says Ursula von der Leyen

- Of course it is not foreseen in those contracts, because they pre-date the war and the torrent of sanctions; Ursula has a good memory ...

- Payment in roubles was demanded after the sanctions - and in response to them. By definition, both acts are unilateral, political actions, albeit  susceptible of negotiations.

b) "Russia's decision to demand payments in roubles is unilateral and companies that have contracts [with Russian suppliers] should not give in to these demands" - says von der Leyen

- "Demanding payment in roubles in the current context is unilateral, it takes place in the context of a heated conflict, it is not part of a contract. And in the context of a militarised conflict, there is unilateralism, both on the part of those who demand payment in roubles, and on the part of those who issue sanctions in torrents to demonstrate that they have some effectiveness. The news on the subject is extremely politically charged, and many actions are not properly disclosed by the parties involved in the conflict.

c) Has Von der Leyen questioned the origin of Zelensky's fortune?

- According to the Voltaire network the comedian's fortune is valued at $850 M, in addition to two flats in London, registered in Belize, valued at $5.78 M. Apparently... comedians are very well paid in poor Ukraine!

d) (payment in roubles) "would be a violation of the sanctions and a big risk for companies" - says von der Leyen

- Between contracts and sanctions there is a world of concepts to consider. If sanctions are unilateral acts, there is nothing to stop those potentially affected from finding ways to fight back, reduce or cancel their effects, unilaterally or by changing the terms of the contract. The US had been forcing Europeans to pay for their gas purchases through Gasprom accounts in Europe, where they would be... frozen. To avoid this, Russia has now demanded that the price of the gas sold be paid in any currency but in an account in Russia (at Gazprombank) where it will then be converted into roubles when convenient.

On the other hand, there is more to the world than BideNato. This is not the only case, as an alternative of functioning outside the intervention of the institutions of Western financial capital; there are alternative mechanisms to support commercial exchanges that contemplate the Russia/India trade (ruble/rupiah), the Saudi petroyuan that involves China, the SWIFT mechanism between Iran and Russia, the China-Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), project that has recently come into force; and certainly in connection with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation which incorporates China, Russia, the countries of Central Asia and, more recently, India, Iran and Pakistan.

It is difficult for Europe to accept that its heyday was reached at the end of the 1914/18 war; that the EU project as a form of global affirmation remains subordinate to the USA; and that, on a community level, only Germany plays a relevant role in global trade, the almost unique  EU country  with a trade surplus. 

4 - Geopolitical changes of the last decades

The global financial system emerged gradually, from Bretton Woods (1944), in the form of institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF; and, it was anchored in the pound and the dollar, completely dominated by the USA and Great Britain, with hegemonic practices at global level. Decolonisation, with the greater autonomy of the new nation-states, although adulterated by local corrupt officials (Houphouet-Boigny, Mobutu, dos Santos, etc.), was gradually demonstrating its autonomy from the Western world and demonstrating the predominance of China in relations with the so-called "global South".

Western military defeats (NATO/EU) in Indochina and the Portuguese colonies; the emergence of China as a power challenging US supremacy; the reduction in the role of the dollar in international exchanges, are elements that have created a new environment for political and economic relations in the world and whose developments seem to elevate China and Asia while showing the decadence of BideNato.

Politically, the US shows its decadence in several points. One, was the clumsy way they managed the pandemic, as one can, summarily, see in the following chart... where the pictures of three scumbags are missing - Trump, Biden and Bolsonaro:


Top 3 covid-19 victims (infected)

Population (% of total)

Infected (% of total)











Russia's return as a major military power (the current war in Ukraine demonstrates this) came late to avoid the bloody dismantling of Yugoslavia as well as Western invasions (USA and its pawns) in the Middle East or, in Libya, with the famous "Islamic State" as a pawn... financed by Saudi Arabia, the cheques signer to American arms suppliers, destined for the so-called "Islamic State".

The increased role of China and Russia with the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (1996) halted US military interventions in Iran and Venezuela, as shown by the BideNato stupidity[4], where it seemed natural to deploy offensive weapons aimed at Russia from the Ukrainian-Russian border. Of course, the deaths, the exodus of the population and the destruction of infrastructures in Ukraine exacerbate the poverty of the country;  but they must have pleased the management indicators of the multinationals of war and death. Later, the investing vultures will come for the opportune exploitation of low salaries to meet high infrastructural needs for the people and predation for the rich.

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[1]  Let us recall Macron's heartburn when he saw the sale of a submarine to Australia cancelled for the benefit of the UK.

[2]  We have devoted some attention to militarism for some years now; something that does not occupy a neuron in the avatars of the political class. For example, here, during the presence of NATO and the warrior Obama in 2010, in the face of the disinterest and animosity shown by the Portuguese "left" against an anti-militarist group - PAGAN - of which we were one of the proud founders.

A UE recebeu o Nobel da Paz em 2012, mesmo depois das barbaridades cometidas nos Balcãs, no Médio Oriente e na Líbia.

[4]  It would be an unforgivable oversight not to mention the incapacity and subservience of a certain Stoltenberg, gauleiter of the precious NATO

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